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Assistant KeepersIncludes assistant keepers and enlisted men who rotated through Point Lookout Light Station.
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Charlie Kidd (1958-1959)


Charlie Kidd and his wife lived at the lighthouse from 1958-1959. See interview under the History->Interview menu bar.

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Herman Metivier (1943-1954)


Herman Metivier was Assistant Keeper from 1939 until 1943, and Keeper from 1943 until he retired in 1954.

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Zaddock Sturgis (1954-1956)


Zaddock Sturgis was Assistant Keeper from 1943 through 1954, and Keeper from 1954 until he retired in 1956 on medical disability.

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William Moody(1869-1871 and 1908-1912)


The only keeper to serve two terms at Point Lookout.

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Thomas Jacobson (1912-1917)


This keeper seemed to prefer the sea to land based lighthouses.

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William Yeatman (1871-1908)


Served the longest term as keeper, and died at Point Lookout. His son Percy held the keeper position for 1 month after William's death so the family could have time to move to nearby housing.

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Raymond Hartzel (1964-1966)


Photos courtesy of Raymond Hartzel and Family.

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Random files - Keepers
North Side Living Room81 views
North Side Living Room102 views
Diane and Lonesome152 viewsDiane & Lonesome in the kitchen; Sherry in the high chair.
Historic Instrument Case273 viewsThis instrument case belonged to Thomas Jacobson.
Coast Guard Cutter Madrona 146 views(180 foot buoy tender sent to salvage/rescue CG 40477). Ran aground off PLO pier.
CG-40477150 viewsThe Navy sent a crane and flat bed trailer to remove CG-40477 from beach.
Paul Sturgis160 viewsPaul stands on the tracks outside the buoy shed. Notice the bird houses in the background.
Young Jack Sturgis235 viewsA young Jack Sturgis poses in front of the pilings of the old windmill.

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Front Steps of Lighthouse123 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Looking northeast toward the Lighthouse101 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Raymond and Mary Hartzel in North Side Living Room107 viewsNotice the TV in the corner of the room. Limited reception meant few channels were available to watch.Feb 04, 2011
North Side living Room99 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Bay Side View of Lighthouse93 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Looking SouthWest110 viewsNotice the interesting paint job on the lantern room.Feb 04, 2011
North Side Living Room102 viewsFeb 04, 2011
On the Steps of the Lighthouse90 viewsFeb 04, 2011