Point Lookout Lighthouse

Historical Lighthouse Pictures

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Buoy Tracks 1950s487 viewsA view of the lighthouse, buoy repair shed and coal shed from the 1950s. The tracks on the wharf were used to transport buoys from ships to the repair shed and back.
Buoy Repair Shed- Closeup421 viewsLooking east toward the lighthouse and sheds. This picture is most likely from the 1940's or 1950's. This is a closeup view of the (unknown) people on the wharf.
Lighthouse Complex432 viewsView of the lighthouse complex from the Potomac River side wharf.
Point Lookout Buoy Depot323 viewsMen sitting on the wharf at Point Lookout buoy depot. Notice the bell tower in the background, between the buoy sheds and the lighthouse.
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