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Ann Davis Documents 

  1830- 1847 

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.   Many sources have suggested that Ann Davis was James' wife, however, a review of Marriages in St. Mary's County and the will of one of James' children makes reference to Ann as the brother's sister.    Also, the references below refer to Miss Davis, which would be improper to refer to a widow as Miss.   The letters from the inspectors, referring to her as Miss Davis would most likely be correct, since people in the field would have intimate knowledge of the keeper's personal lives.    (Special thanks to Linda Davis Reno for her input and proof that Ann Davis was the daughter of James Davis and NOT his wife.)



Document Type



NA-18-610 Handwritten
12/07/1830 Appointment letter for Ann Davis.
NA-18-589 Handwritten
09/26/1832 Last sentence reads: "It appears that the letter recommending Ann Davis for Keeper in the place of James Davis, that the latter died on the 3rd December 1830, to which period you will pay his salary, being a few days over two months salary due to him."
NA-18-619-622 Handwritten
09/10/1838 Inspection report, noting repairs needed to leaky house at Point Lookout and: "I am particularly anxious that this establishment should be put in good repair, as Miss Davis is reported to be one of our best keepers".
NA-6-001 Receipt 05/28/1840 Receipt of goods, signed by Ann Davis.
MN-102-1-2-3 Inspection Logs 1843 "This establishment is marvelously clean and well kept by the correct Miss Davis"   
"This establishment as usual, very clean and carefully kept by Miss Davis."
NA-E17C-18431021 Inspection
10/21/1843 An inspection report that glows with praise:  ".... This establishment is marvelously clean & very well kept by the correct Miss Davis ~~"
PR-06-AD.jpg Payroll Register ~1847 Lists Salary as $350; "Dead" noted next to her name.
NA-E17C-18461127ab Handwritten
11/27/1846 A letter from Ann Davis, complaining about the conditions at the lighthouse.  Her language is quite colorful and dramatic!  Ann Davis died in the following year.
NA-18-617 Handwritten
06/24/1831 The last sentence says "Miss Davis cannot be allowed to sell liquors on the lighthouse premises".  The letter talks about James Davis and paying his salary.
Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1634-1900 by 
Margaret  Fresco page 77
Book 1796 James Davis, the first lighthouse keeper, married Mary Clarke.  A marriage license  was issued to them on October 01, 1796.  
St. Mary's County, Maryland Wills, 1821-1835 by Linda  Davis Reno, page 114. Book 1830 Joseph Davis, 4/29/1830-6/8/1830 (EJM #1, fol. 144).  Oldest Daughters: Catherine  Davis, Mary Davis, and Elizabeth Davis, my three best beds and furniture and the  two trunks and the chest with what they contain which was left  by their mother. 

Youngest Daughter: Ann Davis, now living with her grandmother Greenwell, a bed as good as the ones devised to my other daughters which is to purchased  by my  Executor.  I wish her to remain with her grandmother as long as her grandmother  lives if my Executor sees fit.  Executor: I give full power to take all  or any of my said  children to his own house or to place them wherever he may please but if the  under named persons will take them, I wish him to let them take  them.  I wish my  Executor to keep my daughter Catherine Davis.  I wish my sister Ann Davis to have  my daughter Mary Davis.  I wish my sister Charlotte Heard to have my daughter  Elizabeth Davis.  Executor: To rent my land until my youngest daughter arrives at the  age of 16 and then to sell it along with the remainder of my personal estate (if any  remains after the payment of my debts) and divide the money equally among my  daughters aforesaid.  Brother: Amos Davis, my surveying apparatus. Colonel Enoch  J. Millard is to have use of it any time he wishes during his life as he first enabled me  to purchase it.  Nephew:  William Heard, my wearing apparel, including my sword.

Executor:  Brother, Amos Davis.  Witnesses:  Thomas F. Ward, Samuel Wise,  Thomas Hardy, John Wise.