Ann Davis Documents 

Robert's note: I took a stab at transcribing the original letter.   Images of the documents follow.

                                                                        St. Mary's County Point Lookout Nov. 27th, 1846

 Col Marriott

Respected Sir, it is with regret that I announce to you the present  condition of the recent fortification erected at this establishment.   Since the storms of the 25th and 26th.   I must imagine that you see a dead horse skinned and left @ the prey to the ravages of dogs and birds for the space of a week or ten days.    Then conceive the skeleton turned on its back which would be a stinking representation of the present condition of the wall      with an exception of about 125~ all of which does not stand erect & frequently one standing alone   The basements are sunk in some places lower then the base of the wall.   The cap log and chasement piling standing erect from 2 feet to 2 feet or 3 feet about the surface of the stove (stone?) with a sane(?) rif formed outside leaving a lake of water flowing around the ?.    The boat house was also beaten down

I regret that today I am greatly alarmed as I feel the shock of the heavy seas   I will now communicate my idea in relation to the ? of fortifying this lace against the encroaches of the boisterous waves in a very ? manner

The light would show to much greater advantage as the garden are naturally much more elevated & the Lights would show more distinctively ? the Chesapeake between the two distinguished bluffs of woods bordering on the Bay & equally brilliant down the bay & up the Potomac if not more so.  I also have to inform you that Mr. George Vansant & John Leg the ? pile ? at this place launched the boat belonging to the government & let it go adrift after I had warned them of the danger and entreated them  to take it ?  I have not said one word ? the boat since she took her flight as they are men ? of all manner and honours so far as I am able to decide.  I hope you will call ? to account though the boats are eight years old and very much out of repair.  Never the less it was not their ? to set it adrift.   For further ? respecting the boat I will refer you to Mr. James Danker the officiating stone mason at this place he is acquainted with all the particulars and I think a gentleman to be depended on ?

Respectfully Ann Davis, Keeper