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George Jetson Gatton Documents

January 03, 1957 - October 31, 1965

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.  Mr. Gatton was born on March 11, 1902 and passed away on June 2, 1984.



Document Type



CPR-09-GG Appointment Form 04/22/1938 Temporary Appointment; shows date of birth.
CPR-26-GG Oath of Office 02/21/1941 Oath of Office.
CPR-74-GG Notification of
Personnel Action
12/28/1954 Appointment as keeper at Point Lookout, effective 7-4-1955.  Former station Point No Point (former position abolished).
CPR-78-GG Notification of
Personnel Action
01/03/1957 Officially named keeper at Point Lookout on 1-13-1957.
CPR-87-GG Letter 03/31/1959 Designation as Officer in Charge (OIC).
CPR-93-GG Station Inspection
05/08/1962 Inspection commendation for achieving excellent grade.
CPR-111-GG Letter 10/29/1965 Retirement letter Rear Admiral, commending service.
CPR-106-GG Notification of
Personnel Action
11/04/1965 Retirement from Point Lookout effective 10-31-1965.   Total years of service 40 years, 3 months and 24 days.
CPR-130-GG Death Certificate 06/08/1984 Date of death: 06-02-1984.