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September 1, 1917- June 30, 1939

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.



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CPR-4-GW Letter 10/10/1916 Details the rescue of William Yeatman and Child at Point No Point by George M. Willis, Sr.
CPR-9-GW Letter 08/15/1917 Nomination letter to be keeper at Point Lookout.  Previous incumbent listed as Thomas Jacobson, terminated as of 08/31/1917.
NA-50-01191 Handwritten Letter 09/01/1918 Request for daily mail service to continue.
NA-50-01132 Letter 02/23/1919 Rip rap washes away in a storm.
NA-50-1202 Letter 04/18/1923 Request to host the post office at the lighthouse temporarily.
NA-50-1168-1169 Handwritten
02/06/1928 Request for additional coal because of the harsh winter.
NA-50-1233 Letter 01/14/1929 Grounded schooner at the point.
NA-50-1242 Letter 04/21/1931 Compliments on increasing the candle power of the light.
NA-50-1275 Letter 06/26/1933 Landing at the dock with no damage.
NA-5-1341 Letter 03/14/1935 Letter to George Willis, keeper, instructing him to allow access to a U.S. Power Squadron.
NA-50-1349 Letter 01/27/1936 Requesting permission to take a class of students onsite.
NA-50-1348 Letter 01/27/1937 Requesting permission to take a class of students onsite.
NA-50-1350 Handwritten
05/08/1939 Letter from Commissioner of Lighthouses stating that keeper Willis is "permanently lame" because of an accident, and recommends retirement of both keeper and assistant keeper as early as practicable.  National Archives, RG26, Group 50.
CPR-34-GW Letter 06/15/1939 Lists retirement date effective on 06/30/1939.
CPR-22-GW Letter 06/21/1939 Letter from commissioner thanking Mr. Willis for his service and best wishes in retirement, at the close of June, 1939.
CPR-28-GW Certificate of
01/20/1945 Back pay for Mr. Willis' widow.   Date of death listed as 10/01/1944.