Letter from Superintendent of Lighthouses
About keeper and assistant keeper


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                                                                                    May 8, 1939

 Superintendent of Lighthouses,

            Norfolk, Virginia.


             The Commissioner visited Point Lookout Light Station on May 6 and approves your action in having authorized the employment of a laborer for some painting up which appeared desirable to be accomplished before August.

             Both the Keeper and the Assistant Keeper at this station appear to be disabled for the fully effective performance of duty.  The Assistant Keeper appears so hard of hearing that his work with the radiotelephone must be carried on with difficulty, if at all.   It is understood that he is eligible for optional retirement and that is under consideration.  The Bureau would approve his retirement as early as it may be practicable to arrange it.

             The Keeper has a long record of service, understood to have been of high efficiency, but due to a regrettable accident a year ago is doubtless permanently lame to an extent which must affect his ability.    It is also reported that he suffers from a heart ailment.  Doubtless it would be undesirable to retire both keepers simultaneously, but full consideration should be given to the Keeper's present condition in the light of eligibility for disability retirement, it being understood that he is not yet eligible for voluntary retirement.

             The Bureau is in a position to make an additional allotment sufficient to cover the retired pay of the Assistant Keeper for the remainder of this fiscal year {handwritten note: ; also for substitute as may be required due to accumulated leave.}


                                                                        H.D. King

                                                            Commissioner of Lighthouses.



Reference:   Record Group 26, Entry 50, DSC1350