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Herman Metivier Documents 

  May 01, 1943 - October 01, 1954


Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.     Mr. Metivier transferred to Point Lookout in 1939 as the assistant keeper and after the stroke and retirement of Robert Fulcher, Mr. Metivier was the Officer in Charge.   Mr. Metivier resigned from Civil Service as a Lighthouse keeper in 1942 and joined the Coast Guard; he was given the Coast Guard rank of Boatswains Mate First Class (BM1/C).   Mr. Metivier was the officer in charge, based on interviews with Mr. Metivier's daughter Eunice and a reference in Mr. Zaddock Sturgis' personnel file.    (Note: the confusion over Mr. Metivier's term of service is because he converted to Coast Guard, and  Mr. Zaddock Sturgis who was in the lighthouse at the same time as Mr. Metivier signed the logs as keeper.   The Coast Guard takeover of the lighthouse service in 1939 complicated the issue because both civilians and military personnel worked at lighthouses.   In later years, Mr. George Gatton, a civilian, was in charge of the lighthouse, while the BM1/C's stationed at the lighthouse served as assistant keepers.).



Document Type



CPR-77-HM Nomination 06/02/1939 Nomination as Assistant Keeper of Point Lookout lighthouse; formerly stationed at Cove Point.
CPR-116-HM Personnel Action 07/13/1942 Resigned from Civilian Service to join the Coast Guard as BM1/C.
CPR-123-HM Resignation 07/16/1942 Resignation from Civil Service.
CPR-116-ZS Letter 02/04/1943 Proposed transfer to Point Lookout.  The last sentence in item #2 indicates that "...Mr. Metivier who would still be in charge".
CPR-153-HM Letter 06/24/1957 No personnel action items for retirement were found in Mr. Metivier's personnel folder, however, this letter written by Mr. Metivier in 1957 indicates that his retirement date was October 1, 1954.
CPR-154-HM Letter (cont) 06/24/1957 Second page of letter in CPR-153-HM.


From left to right: Marguerite Metivier, Eunice Metivier, and Herman "Mac" Metivier