Martha Edwards Documents 

  July 19, 1853 - April 7, 1855


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PR-03-WB Payroll Register


Oath of office for Martha Edwards on July 19, 1853.   Resigned noted under her last name.
  St. Mary's County, Maryland Wills, by Linda Davis Reno
(unpublished work as of 10/2004) 


Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1634-1900 by 
Margaret  Fresco page 95


Martha Ann Edwards was the daughter of Richard Dent Edwards.  Richard Dent Edwards married Lydia Dyson, February 7, 1810 in St. Mary's County (Fresco page 95). Lydia appears to have been living at the time of the 1840 census but was deceased by 1850. Martha Ann Edwards probably resigned (April 7, 1855) in anticipation of her upcoming marriage to Thomas J. Byrd (May 4, 1855).

Richard Dent Edwards estate records:

9/24/1856: Balance and distribution of the estate of Richard D. Edwards by Joseph D. Edwards, administrator. To: Mary E. Reeves, daughter; Permelia Edwards, daughter; Joseph D. Edwards, son; Richard M. Edwards, son; Alexander Edwards, son; Martha A. Byrd, daughter; Elkanah Edwards, son; and John Edwards, Julia Edwards, and Rose Edwards, grandchildren (who got 1/3 each of 1/8 pt.).

Research courtesy of Linda Davis Reno, author of St. Mary's County, Maryland Wills, 1821-1835.