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Thomas Jacobson Documents

May 01, 1912 - August 31, 1917

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.



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PR-01-WM Payroll Register 1909-1912 Payroll Register Page from National Archives showing that Thomas Jacobson was first paid on May 1, 1912.  (The original document is of poor quality, so Jacobson has sometimes been cited incorrectly as  "Jackson".)
CPR-9-TJ Personnel Records  03/25/1912 Transfer from Diamond Shoal Light Vessel No. 71 to Point Lookout Lighthouse, Maryland.
NA-50-01173 Letter 07/26/1913 Letter about damage to wharf, signed Thomas Jacobson, keeper.
NA-50-01175 Letter 08/01/1913 Letter about damage to wharf, signed Thomas Jacobson, keeper.
CPR-22-TJ Personnel Records 07/23/1917 Transfer from Point Lookout to Cape Lookout Shoals Light Vessel No. 80, at Captain Jacobson's request.
CPR-9-GW Letter 08/15/1917 Nomination letter to be keeper at Point Lookout.  Previous incumbent listed as Thomas Jacobson, terminated as of 08/31/1917.
CPR-48-TJ Personnel Records  11/03/1939 Funeral Home statement of death of Mr. Jacobson on 11/01/1939.
CPR-77-TJ Personnel Records  09/12/1940 Record of Service for Thomas Jacobson, showing Point Lookout Service from 05/01/1912 thru 08/31/1917.