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William Moody Documents 
(Second Term)

July 01, 1908 - April 30, 1912

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.



Document Type



NA-3-00512-13 Payroll Register 1871-1908 Manner and date of Vacation: Reappointed June 23, 1908.
PR-01A Payroll Register 1908-1912 Payroll Register Page (M373?) showing checks from the first quarter of 1909 until the third quarter of 1912.   Notes next to the names indicate that William Moody started on July 1, 1908 and Thomas Jacobson took office on May 1, 1912.  (The original document is of poor quality, so sometimes Jacobson is mistaken for Jackson.)
NA-48-01074 Letter 01/21/1909 Request for log book, references William Moody, Keeper's signature.
NA-48-01072-01073 Letter 09/23/1909 Rumor that mail service will end, requesting that the mail service not be terminated.


William and Mary Moody
(Photo courtesy of Pauline Moody-Schlitzer)