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William Baxter Documents

William P. Baxter Documents 

 May 22, 1849 - 04/19/1953 

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.  



Document Type



PR-06-AD Payroll Register ~1847 May 22, 1849 listed in payroll register as date of appointment.   A name is listed under May 18, 1849, but the name is crossed through with the word "cancelled" to the left of the entry.
NA-18-1057 Handwritten
05/23/1849 Letter presumed to be with text above, dated May 23, 1849, showing appointment of William P. Baxter Point Look out LH vice Wm Wood removed(?)
NA-18-1058 Handwritten
06/28/1849 No names mentioned, but refers to a letter from the "new" keeper at Point Lookout requesting oil and glasses (tubes).
NA-E17-6 Handwritten
06/18/1849 Letter requesting oil and reflecting glasses, about to run out.
NA-E17-9 Handwritten
12/10/1851 Letter stating that if new lamps aren't sent or repaired soon..."We shall soon be without a light".   The date appears to be 1837, but another letter, delivering this letter to Customs House in Baltimore clearly says 1851.
PR-03-WB Payroll Register 1849-1855 May 22, 1849 listed as date of appointment; Salary $350.