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William Yeatman, Sr. Documents 

September 22, 1871 - May 31,1908

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.  



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NA-LTR-00914 Letter 09/20/1871 Nomination letter for William Yeatman, after the resignation of William Moody.  (Notice the fire damage along the edges.)
NA-3-00509-11 Payroll Register 1871-1883 Notes Salary increase.
NA-3-00512-13 Payroll Register 1871-1908 Manner and date of Vacation: Died, May 31, 1908.
PR-04-PE Payroll Register 1855-1871 Oath of office taken on September 22, 1871, annual salary: $520.
NAIX-8-3 Index Pages 09/20/1871 Appointment of keeper.
PR-05-WY Payroll Register 1871-1883 Increase salary to $800; born in VA.
PR-07-WY Payroll Register 09/22/1876 Salary $800.
PR-08-WY Payroll Register 1901-1904 Salary $800.
NA-48-01098 Letter 06/04/1908 Letter from the board about the death of William Yeatman.


William Yeatman on the wharf at Point Lookout.