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Zadock W. Sturgis Documents

October 1, 1954 - November 30, 1956

Justification for keepers term of office.   Click on the specific document ID to see the original document.   Mr. Sturgis was assistant keeper ("Vice") from 01/26/1943 when he was transferred because of the stroke of Mr. Robert Fulcher.



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CPR-134-ZS Oath of Office 11/13/1930 Oath of Office
CPR-117-ZS US Coast Guard
01/26/1943 Transfer from Cove Point to Point Lookout and promotion to Keeper at a salary of $1380 per annum.  Acting Keeper listed as Herman Metivier, Robert Fulcher Vice to retire end of April. 
CPR-116-ZS Letter 02/04/1943 Proposed transfer to Point Lookout.  The last sentence in item #2 indicates that "...Mr. Metivier who would still be in charge".
NA-80-45-1027 Keeper's Log 04/13/1945 Log entry, signed Z.W. Sturgis, Keeper, however, Mr. Metivier was the Officer in Charge with a Coast Guard Rank of BM1/C.
CPR-144-ZS Request for Report on Loyalty Data 12/10/1947 June 21, 1943 stationed at Point Lookout.
CPR-129-ZS Clinical Record 03/27/1956 Medical exam detailing physical problems, including heart disease.
CPR-59-ZS Letter 06/21/1956 Retirement of Zadock Sturgis on disability.   Names George Gatton who is in an "identical additional position" as successor.
CPR-153-ZS Notification of Personnel Action 11/13/1956 Retirement effective 11/30/1956.  Birth date: 03/21/1897.   Twenty-six years, five months and five days of service.
CPR-101-ZS Handwritten Letter 10/16/1973 Letter from Jack Sturgis, requesting insurance claim forms for his father, who died on October 11, 1973.

Zadock Sturgis, far right.