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Flying Object in the Basement


Laura's Summary of Events:
On 7/23/04, in the morning on an overcast day, Robert, Tim and I were sitting in folding chairs in the north side basement furnace room in the Point Lookout Lighthouse conducting a paranormal investigation. Robert and I were audiotaping and all three of us were taking random pictures. Robert asked some questions to no one in particular to attempt to get a response from any paranormal entities that might be present. During a quiet moment, a small transparent shape, no larger than the size of a human hand, appeared to glide in front of Tim and I heading towards Robert. It did not crawl or scurry on the floor and there was no sun in the room that a shadow could be cast from. No noise emitted from the shape. The shade glided just above the floor and was no higher than our knees while seated. It then simply disappeared into the wall near Robert. This entire incident took place in about five seconds. Immediately, we all remarked "what was that?" and a conversation ensued about the possibilities. However, no reasonable explanation could be determined.

Tim's (Park Naturalist) Summary of Events
I had met Robert and Laura at the lighthouse in order to open up the front gate , and unlock the lighthouse doors. I was pretty excited when I learned that a paranormal investigation would be conducted during their visit to the building. We walked through the lighthouse and opened up the windows for air circulation. After a little bit it was decided that we would first investigate the basement. The park had some folding chairs in the lighthouse so we carried them down into the north west side of the basement. I went outside and blocked up the windows with a roof tile and a piece of lumber to stop any stray sunlight from streaming into the cellar. That way photographs would not be jeopardized. We settled down in our chairs. I was sitting next to Laura and Robert was on the other end of the room. Laura gave me a spare camera she had to take pictures since I did not bring a camera along. Robert and Laura both started their recorders, and we proceeded to take random pictures, and take part in casual conversation. There was not really the unusual feel inside the basement that I was used to. It was actually feeling very quiet. I was looking to my right over at the old heater and I noticed movement to my left out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see what moved and I saw a rather large translucent shadow move through the air. This gray shadow was about as big as my two fists. My first reaction was that I was seeing a really big luna moth. The object dove down about a foot through the air and zipped across the room away from Laura and I, and towards Robert. I sat in disbelief. Someone said, "Did you see that?" I am very glad somebody else saw it as well. I almost feel like my eyes played a trick on me, but both Laura and Robert saw it as well. At the time I unfortunately did not even consider this was a paranormal experience, but in retrospect I truly believe it was. This shadow could not have been a moth because moths are not in the basement of the lighthouse, they are NOT transparent, and there was simply NO moth (or other culprit) to be found. Robert had said that he thought it was a mouse or rat. Whereas is appeared to go away from me, it was heading right for Robert. Also during this time, prior to our experience, Robert's recorder had shut off unexplainably. Robert took a picture of a pink glowing orb with structure to it, like a jellyfish. Laura also photographed the same orb with a different camera altogether. I do not have a reasonable explanation for these events. The orb was not caused by dust, we were all stationary and not walking. The fact that the orbs appear on TWO cameras I find incredible. Before I left the cellar I searched for anything that could have caused this bizarre occurrence, but could find none. Later on in the upper levels of the lighthouse Robert took a picture of an amorphous orb, with five points like a star. Later on that day the weather changed and it rained. I felt that there was more of a presence inside the lighthouse when it started to rain.

Robert's Summary of Events:
We were sitting in the north side basement, Tim and Laura were on the west side wall sitting next to each other, and I was on the east side wall, next to the cellar door, facing them. We were sitting in a triangular pattern facing each other, and due to the retaining wall around the old furnace, we were occupying most of the room. Before we began the session, we blocked as much light as we could from the windows. I first noticed movement coming from between Tim and Laura, and my attention was drawn to that area. As I watched, the transparent object moved just above the ground and very quickly on an angle toward the north wall. Once it got close to the north wall, it veered sharply and began moving parallel to the wall and directly toward me at a high rate of speed. It disappeared to my right, and when I turned to look behind me, it was gone. At first, I thought it was a rat because of the way it headed for the wall, but the object seemed to float on air and moved very quickly and smoothly, with no breaks in shape or size. Had this been a reflection, I would have expected to see the shape disappear and reappear as it moved from one corner of the room to another, but the shape was consistent. No sounds were heard and the entire event took 5 seconds or less. Since we occupied a large area of the room, maybe we cornered something and we were witnessing it trying to escape.

Location North Side Basement
Date Written July 23, 2004
Written by Robert, Tim and Laura
Comments Three people witnessed an unusual event and were unable to determine a natural cause for the phenomena.