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Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Open House, November 1997

I found out about the open house in 1996- one week AFTER the event had already occurred. So I waited for a whole year, but it was worth it. The lines outside were long, and the wait for the cupola was over an hour. So as I began the tour inside the lighthouse, I passed by the infamous Southside basement door and recognized it from watching Sightings the Ghost Report. I noticed that the door had been nailed shut but as I passed by, the door knob began to spin violently, and I kind of rolled my eyes and looked around at the other people, who had pretty much the same reaction as I did. We figured it was someone on the other side trying to spook the visitors. So I grabbed the door knob, and I didn't feel any resistance and yet the knob continued to rattle and make noise. I rationalized that the knob was broken, and that it could spin from both sides. As I waited to go up in the cupola, I figured that in about 5 or 10 minutes, the knob would rattle again. I thought it was a little odd that it didn't rattle again, but waited my turn and finally had a few minutes up in the cupola. A year later, at the 1998 open house, I asked one of the volunteers that I had spoke with in 1997, if they were going to have someone in the basement rattle the door knob again. The poor guy turned as white as a sheet and told me that no one had been in the basement last year! I brought my camcorder and stared at the knob for about 15 minutes, but of course nothing happened. Well, that isn't entirely true...people looked at me very oddly as they passed by.

Location Point Lookout
Date Written October 2000
Written by Robert Hall
Comments It is possible that someone snuck into the basement from the other side to rattle the door knob, but in retrospect, the way that the knob rattled was unusual. Not sure how to describe it, but it was different. And the coincidence of the rattling starting just as I passed by the door knob is an odd occurrence. Almost as if something in the basement wanted me to come down and check things out! The basement is off limits because of the low ceiling and nails.