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Voices Upstairs During Ghost Walk 2000


During the second night of Ghost Walk 2000, three volunteers were working the light show inside the lighthouse, while I was outside talking to the hayrides about the history of the lighthouse and keepers. Two of the volunteers were in the north side living room (closest to the Bay) and the third was in the tower. A tape recorder was recording on the second floor. The two volunteers in the living room heard something that sounded like voices or a tape recorder being fast-forwarded with the voices sounding sped up. On the tape recorder, you can hear the downstairs volunteers approaching the tape recorder and calling out to the third volunteer Did you hear that???? However, the third volunteer did not hear anything unusual and nothing was recorded on the tape.

Location North Side Living Room
Date Written October 28, 2000
Written by Robert Hall
Comments Usually the tapes record voices not heard at the time of the recording