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Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Ghost Walk 2001 Setup

Jason and I were in the lighthouse after dark setting up the props for Ghost Walk, when he had to go back to the shop to get something. I was all alone in the lighthouse and had just unpacked my tape recorder in the south side dining room, when I heard what sounded like at least a dozen men in the south side living room talking very loudly and all at once, like it was a gathering, a party or a bar. I scrambled to put a tape in the tape recorder but within 20 seconds the sounds were abruptly gone and the lighthouse fell silent once again. I could not make out what the voices were saying, but it seemed like a social event of some kind and not in the least bit threatening. The south side living room was dark and I did not see or feel anything unusual.
Location South Side Dining Room
Date Written October 23, 2001
Written by Robert Hall
Comments A group of people were fishing outside the fence on the north side of the living room, but I doubt they could have made that much noise. It happened so quickly that it was almost over before I realized what was happening!