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Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Voices Outside the Gate, 1997


My first visit inside the lighthouse was on November 4, 2001 for the open house. However, I have had encounters in the area near the lighthouse before then. I was going through a difficult period back in 1997 and I needed some time alone to think. One morning at 3 am, I drove to the lighthouse, parked in front and rolled down my window about half way down. I was the only one around. At first I thought I was imagining things, but as I went back to thinking again, I heard voices right outside my window, only this time I heard what sounded like someone rattling tin cans or tin plates like they used back in the civil war times. I thought I must have imagined the sounds, however, I returned to the lighthouse on another occasion. This time, I could hear the galloping of horse's feet and male voices, although I could not hear what the voices were saying. Then the voices just faded away. I have visited the park since I heard the sounds - but never late at night- and I always feel like I am being watched.
Location Parking area in front of the lighthouse
Date Written December 2001
Written by Robbie Klotz
Comments I spoke with some people fishing near the lighthouse in early October. While no one would confirm anything unusual, one man said he was alone fishing one night but left after 15 minutes by himself. "Something in that wind". The wind indeed. -Robert Hall