The Point Lookout Lighthouse

Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Man on Lighthouse Porch and Spirit Lights

It was the winter of 1996. I was 19 years old. A friend of mine had just bought a car and we had gone for a day trip to St. Mary's County. Well, it was pretty aimless. We just kept driving that day away from Baltimore where we lived. We arrived in St. Mary's County around 4:30 that afternoon. We drove around and had dinner at a greasy spoon styled restaurant. We noticed signs for Pt. Lookout state park and we decided to go check it out before heading home. We drove down the drive through the park. It was around 8:00 pm I guess. It was very cold. So cold it was hard to breathe. Your eyes would literally singe in the wind. We drove down to the end of the road where the point and the lighthouse are located. Now, I had never heard of the park's haunting, so I was not looking to see or experience anything. We parked the car and I suggested we walk over to the water and have a closer look at the lighthouse. We got out of the car to experience a steady, freezing wind that made our souls shiver. We walked over to look out over the bay. It was a beautiful sight on a cold winter evening. We turned and walked over to the fence at the lighthouse. We were right at the gate of the fence looking at the lighthouse when we noticed something peculiar. On the steps of the lighthouse, it appeared to be a man in a heavy coat, sitting there staring at the ground. We sort of froze in our tracks because it startled us quite a bit since the lighthouse was completely dark. We stood there for probably 15 seconds when I suggested to my friend we leave. Just as we took our first step, the man raised his head and looked at us. Not wanting to seem suspicious, I said "Good Evening." The man suddenly rose to his feet and turned to the door. My friend and I watched as this man walked right through the door and disappeared into the porch. We stopped and looked for a minute to see if he was inside the porch but he wasn't. I suddenly realized that he had just passed through a screen door and vanished on the other side. My friend was about as shocked as I was. We sat there for a couple of minutes to no avail. We decided we had seen a ghost. As we walked back to the car, we sat in the heat trying to give reason to what seemed to be an impossible experience, then the next weird thing happened. As we were talking, my friend suddenly yelled "LOOK!" I looked up and I saw something that sent shivers up my spine. Something that looked like a ball of light was glowing inside the house and was illuminating the porch. We watched in amazement as the light flickered and then ceased. The whole light show lasted for about 10 seconds. We couldn't believe it. We must have stayed for another hour but nothing happened so we left. The next day we went to the library and looked up books on the Point Lookout Lighthouse. We were surprised to see so many. I read everything I could on the hauntings and was spellbound. That Monday we called the park and asked them if anyone was living in the lighthouse and they told us no. We told them what happened and they explained the haunting at the lighthouse. It was really something else.

Location Just Outside the Lighthouse Fence
Date Written Winter 1996
Written by Daniel Bell