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Lithograph of Point Lookout from the 1800s757 viewsThis is a colorized version of a lithograph from sometime in the 1800s.
Lithograph of Pt. Lookout from the 1800s- Closeup779 viewsThis is a closeup of a colored lithograph of Pt. Lookout from some time in the 1800's, probably after the Civil War.
Point Lookout Lighthouse, prior to 2002 renovations778 viewsThe lighthouse trimmed in red. The 2002 remodel changed the color of the lighthouse to tan, as it would have appeared in 1927.
733 viewsYou can clearly see the entrance to the basement and the flag pole in the yard. This flag pole was used for boat warning flags during heavy winds when Laura Berg lived in the lighthouse. This side is photographed most often because the public has access to this view, and this is the side you first see when driving toward the Lighthouse.

Open House 2001757 viewsWaiting line to enter the lighthouse during Open House 2001. More than 1400 people lined up to take a tour of the lighthouse. People showed up from near and far to tour the lighthouse on the one day a year that it is open to the public. The day was bright and sunny.
Open House from Picnic Area1162 viewsA view of the lighthouse from the north near the picnic area. Note the people fishing on the left. The remains of the wharf can be seen in the right hand side of the picture. People are lined up to tour the lighthouse. The tower with the big ball on top is the Navy Tracking Facility. The tent used by the Open House is visible in the middle of the picture; just to the left of the tent is the old smoke house, built during William Yeatman's time. (Some sources incorrectly identify the smoke house as a photo gallery from the days when the Civil War Prison camp was in operation just outside the lighthouse.)

Point Lookout 1885749 viewsThis is a picture of Point Lookout Lighthouse after it was expanded in 1883. Notice the outhouse on the right and the fog bell in the middle. The attached building (with the tall skinny chimney) was the kitchen.
Point Lookout 1885, Closeup754 viewsThis is a picture of Point Lookout Lighthouse from the bay side after it was expanded in 1883. Notice the chimneys on each side of the lighthouse.
Pt Lookout Lighthouse in the 1920s749 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse and various buildings behind and beside it. Lucille Nestler is a relative of one of the Lighthouse keepers of Point Lookout and has provided this photograph.

Point Lookout Lighthouse, 1928755 viewsA picture of the lighthouse after it was expanded.
Point Lookout 1928, aerial view (2)716 viewsThis is a picture of Point Lookout Lighthouse from an airplane.
Point Lookout Southern Aerial View754 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the air, buoy sheds in view. Note the guano on the roof, still a problem today.
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