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Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex from the Wharf673 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse, February 1928. The dock no longer exists; the buoy sheds still stand behind a second fence but have been altered.
Snowy Point Lookout Lighthouse 705 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse after a snowfall.
1930 Close Up with Windmill669 viewsThis picture is taken from the south side looking north with the windmill visible in the middle of the picture. The lighthouse is in great shape at this time since it was remodelled in the late 1920s.
Point Lookout Lighthouse with Windmill688 viewsA picture of the lighthouse with a windmill in the side yard. The cement pillars for the windmill are still in place. The windmill was dismantled and shipped to a lighthouse in Puerto Rico.
Point Lookout Post Card676 viewsA post card of Point Lookout, purchased by Raymond Hartzel while he was living in the lighthouse.
Rainbow622 viewsAfter visiting the lighthouse to get the power restored, a light rain began to fall which led to this double rainbow that appears to end at the lighthouse!
Sandbar South of Lighthouse734 viewsA view of the sandbar to the south of the lighthouse, as a front approaches. The treacherous currents have caused the loss of a lot of lives.
Sheds, Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex665 viewsThe two buoy sheds, as seen from near the front steps of the lighthouse. In the far (south side) buoy shed, you can see the screened in front porch of the small apartment.
Point Lookout Complex, Weather Station670 viewsThe U.S. Weather Service actually recorded temperature and other information from this site. Occasionally, someone from the U.S. Weather Service would actually come down to this site. The tower is still standing but is no longer operational

Point Lookout Buoy Depot662 viewsMen sitting on the wharf at Point Lookout buoy depot. Notice the bell tower in the background, between the buoy sheds and the lighthouse.
SW Wind Drives Water over Rocks662 viewsOctober 15, 2010. A front moves through, driving the waves over the rocks.
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