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Aerial View (closeup), pre-1927 remodel891 viewsAerial view closeup of the lighthouse, from the south. However, close inspection of the lighthouse reveals that this picture was taken PRIOR to the remodel in 1927; the summer kitchen/bedroom wing on the Potomac side of the house is visible. Also notice the two chimneys on opposite ends of what is the present day first floor living rooms. A building exists in the upper right hand corner of the picture.
Aerial View of Point Lookout781 viewsThis is an 8x10 photo, purchased from Weeks Photos; the picture was originally taken for the newspaper.
Point Lookout 1928, aerial view (2)716 viewsThis is a picture of Point Lookout Lighthouse from an airplane.
Point Lookout Southern Aerial View754 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the air, buoy sheds in view. Note the guano on the roof, still a problem today.
Point Lookout Western Aerial View752 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the air showing the lighthouse and the buoy sheds.
Point Lookout Aerial View736 viewsAnother view of the lighthouse from above.
Aerial View South730 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the south.
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