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Keepers of the Light at Point Lookout

This section was created in November, 2004, based on my extensive research and analysis of documents from the National Archives and the Center for Personnel Records(CPR).    If you click on the keeper's name below, you will be taken to a list of documents that support the dates of service at Point Lookout.   If you click on the document ID, you can view the actual image that contains the cited information.

Hint:  If you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer, you can place the mouse over the images, and when the square looking graphic appears in the picture, the size will be increased if you click on the graphic. Click here to read more about the methodology used and the quest to build an accurate list of keepers.

Click here to see a list of assistant keepers.   We are trying to locate anyone who lived or worked at Point Lookout.

Click here for an overview of how the Lighthouse organizations have evolved.




Reason for leaving the lighthouse

1 James Davis 09/20/1830 12/03/1830 Died after less than three months of service.
2 Ann Davis 12/03/1830 1847 Daughter of James Davis
3 William Wood 1847 1849  
4 William P. Baxter  05/22/1849 04/19/1853  
5 Richard D. Edwards 04/20/1853 07/14/1853 Died in office on July 14, 1853.
6 Samuel Cullison N/A N/A Never served; Appointment was revoked.
7 Martha A. Edwards 07/19/1853 04/07/1855 Daughter of Richard D. Edwards
8 Pamelia Edwards 04/07/1855 06/04/1869 Daughter of Richard D. Edwards.  Removed; rumors persist that she kept prisoners during the Civil War.  (Note: Her name has also been spelled Permelia).
9 William Moody  06/04/1869 09/22/1871  First term of service at Point Lookout.
10 William Yeatman 09/22/1871 05/31/1908 Died while keeper at Point Lookout Lighthouse.
11 Percy S. Yeatman 06/01/1908 06/30/1908 Acting keeper after William Yeatman's sudden death.
12 William Moody 07/01/1908 04/30/1912 Second term of service at Point Lookout.
13 Thomas Jacobson 05/01/1912 08/30/1917 Only assignment at a lighthouse; requested transfer back to ship.
14 George M. Willis, Sr. 09/01/1917 06/30/1939 Retired on disability.
15 Robert Westly Fulcher 06/30/1939 05/01/1943 Suffered a stroke on November 29, 1942 and officially retired on disability on May 1, 1943.  Mr. Fulcher passed away on June 21, 1949.
16 Herman F. Metivier 05/01/1943 10/01/1954 Transferred in June 1939 as assistant keeper; converted to BM1/C in 1942.  After Mr. Fulcher's retirement, he became the Officer in Charge.
17 Zadock W. Sturgis 10/01/1954 11/30/1956 Retired on disability.
18 George Jetson Gatton, Sr. 01/03/1957 10/31/1965 Retired.
19 Raymond Hartzel 11/01/1965 01/11/1966 Last Lighthouse keeper at the Point.