The Point Lookout Lighthouse

Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Paranormal Stories


Written by

Date Written

Living in the Lighthouse, December 1979  Laura Berg  October 2000
Open House, November 1997  Robert Hall  October 2000
Voices Upstairs During Ghost Walk 2000  Robert Hall  October 28, 2000
Ghost Walk 2001 Setup  Robert Hall  October 23, 2001
Voices Outside the Gate, 1997  Robbie Klotz  December 2001
Rocking in the Living Room, April 2002  Robert Hall  April 18, 2002
Noises Downstairs, April 2002  Robert Hall  April 18, 2002
Man on Lighthouse Porch and Spirit Lights  Daniel Bell  Winter 1996
Haunted-est Lighthouse Boy  Jim and Julie  September 13, 2003
Flying Object in the Basement  Robert, Tim and
 July 23, 2004
The Bad Luck Brick  Robert Hall  February 2005
First Park Sanctioned Paranormal Event  Robert, Kim and
 August 19, 2006