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Freshwater Storage Container, Attic7068 viewsThis storage container was used by the lighthouse keepers to gather and store fresh water for drinking purposes. Vandals have removed the copper lining which was still intact as recently as 1981. The wood housing is still in excellent shape.

Lighthouse Forest Green2505 viewsCoast Guard requirements in the 1960's specified that lighthouses be trimmed in Forest Green.
Open House from Picnic Area1134 viewsA view of the lighthouse from the north near the picnic area. Note the people fishing on the left. The remains of the wharf can be seen in the right hand side of the picture. People are lined up to tour the lighthouse. The tower with the big ball on top is the Navy Tracking Facility. The tent used by the Open House is visible in the middle of the picture; just to the left of the tent is the old smoke house, built during William Yeatman's time. (Some sources incorrectly identify the smoke house as a photo gallery from the days when the Civil War Prison camp was in operation just outside the lighthouse.)

Eunice Metivier Graduation 1117 viewsFrom left to right: Margaurite Metivier, Eunice Metivier and Herman Metivier. Eunice dressed in her graduation cap and gown, but did not attend her high school graduation because her father had a prior church committment.
Eunice & Julius Eating Crabs1089 viewsEunice and Julius Knott eating crabs on his family’s back porch. This picture was taken at Julius’ childhood home after the couple was married. This property was destroyed by a fire some years later. Eunice's father, Herman "Mac" Metivier would not allow crabs to enter his house. Eunice's first taste of a Maryland crab came when she met her future husband, Julius Knott. Mr. Knott also worked at the lighthouse.
Buoys Drying in the Grass1083 viewsWooden spar buoys, drying on the east side lawn of the lighthouse.
Lighthouse Landscaping from the 1950s1083 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the 1950s, showing the care and attention to the landscaping around the point. Notice the meticulously manicured shrubs and trees surrounding the lighthouse.
Neighbors Across Time1045 viewsNeighbors across time: Eunice Metivier Knott standing at the south side kitchen entrance where she once lived; Laura Berg standing at the north side kitchen entrance where she lived some years later. This picture was taken during the 2004 Open House. Robert Hall interviewed Mrs. Knott at the open house on November 7, 2004, and scanned in her family pictures. The full interview is available on this website.

Crew of 19491045 viewsPictured from left to right are: Keeper Herman Metivier, Bobby Younkins (from Washington state), Julius Knott, Tony Borres, and assistant keeper Zadock Sturgis. Julius Knott painted the Coast Guard Sign.
Lighthouse Complex from Wharf1032 views
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