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George Willis (1917-1939)


The pictures in this album are courtesy of George Fish, grandson of Keeper George Willis. His grandmother, Queenie Willis, ran the post office in Scotland for many years. Most of the pictures are believed to be from the 1920s. If you recognize anyone in the pictures, please email Many thanks to George for sharing these gems with us! Notice details of the buildings attached to the lighthouse prior to the 1927 remodel.

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Herman Metivier (1943-1954)


Herman Metivier was Assistant Keeper from 1939 until 1943, and Keeper from 1943 until he retired in 1954.

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Zaddock Sturgis (1954-1956)


Zaddock Sturgis was Assistant Keeper from 1943 through 1954, and Keeper from 1954 until he retired in 1956 on medical disability.

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William Moody(1869-1871 and 1908-1912)


The only keeper to serve two terms at Point Lookout.

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Thomas Jacobson (1912-1917)


This keeper seemed to prefer the sea to land based lighthouses.

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William Yeatman (1871-1908)


Served the longest term as keeper, and died at Point Lookout. His son Percy held the keeper position for 1 month after William's death so the family could have time to move to nearby housing.

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Raymond Hartzel (1964-1966)


Photos courtesy of Raymond Hartzel and Family.

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Random files - Keepers
North Side Dining Room558 viewsMary Hartzel and the family dog pose in the north side dining room near kitchen door entrance.
Lighthouse, c. 1949759 viewsPoint Lookout, Summer of 1949. Notice the fence and the absence of the windmill. Photo courtesy of Francis Hart.

Eunice Metivier Graduation 1091 viewsFrom left to right: Margaurite Metivier, Eunice Metivier and Herman Metivier. Eunice dressed in her graduation cap and gown, but did not attend her high school graduation because her father had a prior church committment.
Raymaond Hartzel in Small Quarters Kitchen665 viewsThis picture was taken in the small quarters kitchen, located at the front end of the south side buoy shed. Pictured from left to right are: Mary, wife; John Rollinson, coworker; Raymond Hartzel; and Mae Rollinson. The family pet Queenie is on the floor.
Jack Sturgis in the North Side Basement809 viewsMany years later, Jack Sturgis visits the basement where he played as a child.
Zaddock Sturgis, Navy617 viewsAn early picture of keeper Zaddock Sturgis, thought to be from the World War I era.
Raymond Hartzel in North Side Kitchen572 viewsRaymond Hartzel makes a pie crust in the north side kitchen.

Last additions - Keepers
Jacobson Descendants Visit the Lighthouse339 viewsJudy and Jenny are descendants of keeper Thomas Jacobson, who served as keeper of Point Lookout Lighthouse from May 1, 1912 until August 30, 1917. Judy is Mr. Jacobson's great granddaughter; Jenny is his great-great granddaughter, and Judy's daughter. Lighthouse historian Robert Hall took the family on a tour of the lighthouse, pointing out the differences between how the structure looked during Mr. Jacobson's five year tenure and the way that it looks today. Pictured: Jenny and Judy on lighthouse porch. Jan 03, 2020
504 viewsMar 17, 2019
Front Steps of Lighthouse839 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Looking northeast toward the Lighthouse821 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Raymond and Mary Hartzel in North Side Living Room840 viewsNotice the TV in the corner of the room. Limited reception meant few channels were available to watch.Feb 04, 2011
North Side living Room801 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Bay Side View of Lighthouse699 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Looking SouthWest722 viewsNotice the interesting paint job on the lantern room.Feb 04, 2011