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Last additions - General Lighthouse Pictures
Point Lookout Lighthouse with Windmill615 viewsA picture of the lighthouse with a windmill in the side yard. The cement pillars for the windmill are still in place. The windmill was dismantled and shipped to a lighthouse in Puerto Rico.
Feb 18, 2008
Point Lookout Post Card607 viewsA post card of Point Lookout, purchased by Raymond Hartzel while he was living in the lighthouse.
Feb 18, 2008
1930 Close Up with Windmill599 viewsThis picture is taken from the south side looking north with the windmill visible in the middle of the picture. The lighthouse is in great shape at this time since it was remodelled in the late 1920s.
Feb 18, 2008
Snowy Point Lookout Lighthouse 640 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse after a snowfall.
Feb 18, 2008
Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex from the Wharf603 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse, February 1928. The dock no longer exists; the buoy sheds still stand behind a second fence but have been altered.
Feb 18, 2008
Lighthouse Complex from Wharf591 viewsFeb 18, 2008
Point Lookout by Boat627 viewsPoint Lookout looks like an island. The land around the lighthosue had more vegetation (trees) back in 1979. The turbulent waters at the confluence of the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River confirm the need for a lighthouse to warn mariners.
Feb 18, 2008
Lighthouse with Trees633 viewsThe lighthouse looks "framed" by trees in this photograph! Notice that the cupola is white in this photograph.
Feb 18, 2008
View from a Boat651 viewsThis is a great view and you can clearly see the two buoy depot buildings which the Navy used at that time as part of the Radar Tracking Facility. The large pole (tower) was used by ospreys to build a nest when Laura Berg lived there. In his capacity as Department of Natural Resources Police Officer, Erik had a unique opportunity to photograph the lighthouse from this angle.

Feb 18, 2008
Point Lookout Lighthouse, c. 1979654 viewsThe Lighthouse looks very regal in this photograph. The last major rennovation occurred 13 years earlier in 1966, when the exterior was sandblasted.Feb 18, 2008
Aerial View South642 viewsA picture of the lighthouse from the south.
Feb 18, 2008
Point Lookout Aerial View652 viewsAnother view of the lighthouse from above.Feb 18, 2008
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