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Most viewed - Zaddock Sturgis (1954-1956)
Jack in Drag743 viewsThe ghost of Halloween Past. Jack Sturgis poses in the north side kitchen.
Jack Sturgis revisits Basement of his Boyhood739 viewsMany years later, Jack Sturgis visits the basement where he played as a child. Jack and his brothers would swim in the basement when it flooded, unconcerned about the dangers of electricity and other hazards. Jack and his brothers would enter the basement to shovel coal into the coal fired furnace. Jack had many fond memories, including swimming in the basement during noreasters and Hurricane Hazel. The retaining wall (in the foreground) did not exist when the Sturgis family live in the lighthouse, and the coal furnace would have the flame extinguished when the basement flooded. A coal bin was kept to the right of the furnace.

Dancing Dog721 viewsA family pet dances in the kitchen.
Jack Sturgis in the North Side Basement715 viewsMany years later, Jack Sturgis visits the basement where he played as a child.
Paul Sturgis and Dagwood707 viewsPaul Sturgis standing on the steps with the family dog Dagwood.
Girls on Wharf698 viewsTwo young women pose on the wharf. Notice the tracks to the left.
Jack Sturgis693 viewsJack Sturgis working on a car.
Paul Sturgis with Innertube672 viewsPaul Sturgis on the sidewalk in front of the lighthouse
Jack Sturgis looks thru the intertube669 viewsJack Sturgis poses near the lighthouse steps.
Jack's Girlfriend667 viewsOne of Jack's girlfriends poses in front of the buoy shed.
Boat on the Wharf666 viewsA boat is suspended on the wharf at Point Lookout Lighthouse.
Sturgis Boys Swimming659 viewsPaul and Jack Sturgis swimming in the Potomac River. Notice the "Cable Crossing Do Not Anchor" sign in the background (just above the boy on the right).
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