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Orb on Face5273 viewsThis is another group picture, with Laura in the middle. Notice the orb has moved and is now covering the face of the woman on the left hand side of the picture!
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Orb at Den4408 viewsNotice the U shaped light to the right of the light bulb in the ceiling. The blurriness could be attributed to an orb in motion. During the investigation, the south side den was one of the hot spots for orb activity.

Control pictures did not contain the odd shaped blob.

(14 votes)
This is an eery picture of the upstairs hallway5183 viewsThis is an eery picture of the upstairs hallway. Nothing ghostly is apparent, but doesn't it look like something COULD jump out of thin air?

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5318 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears in the center of the photograph just above Laura Berg near Gerald Sword's feet.
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North Side Hallway4890 viewsThis view is taken from the north side bedroom which faces the Potomac River.
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Spirit Light #44768 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears on the left side of the photograph directly in front of Ron Stallings/where Nancy Stallings' head is.
(11 votes)
Sunglasses 2029 viewsThe sunglasses were found by Dustin Rusk and Terry Munsinger in the south side basement, western side (under kitchen). They seem to resemble the glasses in the picture that was taken in the cupola several weeks earlier during the Lighthouse Challenge. The glasses have been in the basement for a number of years.00000
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