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Spirit Light #44845 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears on the left side of the photograph directly in front of Ron Stallings/where Nancy Stallings' head is.
Feb 16, 2008
Spirit Light #34870 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears at the top center of the photograph.
Feb 16, 2008
5401 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears in the center of the photograph just above Laura Berg near Gerald Sword's feet.
Feb 16, 2008
Sarah Estep Attends Seance5391 viewsPicture of the Seance. Laura Berg is on the far left and on the top right is Sarah Estep. Sarah Estep has recorded for many hours in search of EVP. She is featured on the "Sightings, The Ghost Report" videotape and recorded "I was seeing the war" in the basement of the lighthouse. Sarah Estep has since retired from EVP research. Three members of the MD Committee for Psychical Research returned to Point Lookout in February, 1980 for a followup visit. After investigating the entire lighthouse, we had a seance. 35 mm cameras were placed in three corners of the room and as well as several candles. Ron & Nancy Stallings, their son and Laura Berg participated in the seance while Gerald Sword, Erik Berg and Kevin Mack photographed.

Feb 16, 2008
Cone Shaped Light #15546 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears near Nancy Stallings' back. She is sitting on a pillow on the floor (bottom right).
Feb 16, 2008
Confederate Soldier7837 viewsNancy Stallings, a medium with the Maryland Committee for Pyschical Research is standing in the middle of the bedroom. The soldier appears in the photo to Nancys right. The soldier was not seen by the participants.Feb 15, 2008
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