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Confederate Soldier10253 viewsNancy Stallings, a medium with the Maryland Committee for Pyschical Research is standing in the middle of the bedroom. The soldier appears in the photo to Nancys right. The soldier was not seen by the participants.
Pink Orbs7561 viewsWe began an investigation in the North side basement (under the dining room and kitchen). Several minutes after we saw a shadowy figure move across the room, Laura capture the top picture with a pink orb. About 15 minutes later, we decided to move to the first room in the basement (under the living room), and about 10 minutes into that investigation, Robert captured another pink orb in the doorway to the other side of the basement (bottom picture). Was this pink spirit following us?
Freshwater Storage Container, Attic7067 viewsThis storage container was used by the lighthouse keepers to gather and store fresh water for drinking purposes. Vandals have removed the copper lining which was still intact as recently as 1981. The wood housing is still in excellent shape.

Basement Window6176 viewsDeborah writes: "On November 3rd, 1999, while on a donation job for Angel's Systems for Point Lookout lighthouse, myself and a co-worker Danny Stober finished the work assigned to us. I remembered stories about ghosts at the lighthouse from years ago. I had some film left on a roll of 110 I was keeping in my truck to get developed. I decided to use them on this job. When pictures were developed to my surprise there was a figure (ghost) in one of the pictures I had taken in a downstairs window of the lighthouse."

Many thanks to Deborah and Angels Systems, Inc. for sending this picture. The lighthouse was infested with fleas that had to be exterminated before the open house. Angel's...they not only get the bugs, they get the ghosts! Give them a call at: 1-800-662-8447.

D'arcy6107 viewsThis was D'Arcy's first visit inside the Lighthouse. We toured the lighthouse including both sides of the basement with Heather Hunter, Public Relations from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. This is the only photo from all the ones taken that day that is like this - it appears there is a figure standing directly behind D'Arcy which makes the photo look distorted.
Lamp in Window5863 viewsAn old-fashioned lamp appears in the small window. This window has no electrical outlet. (The image in the window has been blown up in the inset, lower left hand corner of the picture. A larger image of the blown up section appears elsewhere in this album).

5758 viewsI took the photo of this room with friends after my wife suddenly felt uneasy in the room. When the film was developed, this image appeared. There was no light visible at the time the picture was taken. The rest of the developed film did not have any other lights on them. There was no bright sunlight present in the room at the time of the photo. The day was a gray overcast day with no bright sun shining.
Cone Shaped Light #15691 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears near Nancy Stallings' back. She is sitting on a pillow on the floor (bottom right).
Lamp Close Up5661 viewsAn old-fashioned lamp appears in the small window. The image has been blown up and is grainy, but the outline of the lamp is clear. This window has no electric outlet and is only accessible by a ladder.

Sarah Estep Attends Seance5634 viewsPicture of the Seance. Laura Berg is on the far left and on the top right is Sarah Estep. Sarah Estep has recorded for many hours in search of EVP. She is featured on the "Sightings, The Ghost Report" videotape and recorded "I was seeing the war" in the basement of the lighthouse. Sarah Estep has since retired from EVP research. Three members of the MD Committee for Psychical Research returned to Point Lookout in February, 1980 for a followup visit. After investigating the entire lighthouse, we had a seance. 35 mm cameras were placed in three corners of the room and as well as several candles. Ron & Nancy Stallings, their son and Laura Berg participated in the seance while Gerald Sword, Erik Berg and Kevin Mack photographed.

Small Window5591 viewsThis small window is located at the bottom of the stairs in the North side of the Lighthouse.
5561 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears in the center of the photograph just above Laura Berg near Gerald Sword's feet.
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