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William Yeatman, Jr (1931-1939)821 viewsThis is a picture of William Yeatman, Jr. from the late 1920s or early 1930s. He was the Assistant Keeper at Point Lookout from 1931 until he retired in 1939. Previously, William Yeatman, Jr. had been the keeper at Point No Point, Drum Point and Piney Point prior to moving back to Point Lookout. He took a volutary demotion to Assistant Keeper in 1931 to return to Point Lookout, most likely because he had previously lived in the lighthouse and wanted to raise his kids there (including Harry Yeatman, 1920-2001). The assignment to Point Lookout most likely did not carry a reduction in salary, but allowed William Jr more family time because most other lighthouses did not have a full time assistant keeper. This photo courtesy of Ted Yeatman, William Yeatman Sr's Great Grandson.

Lighthouse Complex from the Wharf820 viewsLooking east toward the lighthouse and sheds. This picture is most likely from the 1940's or 1950's.
Laura Hartzel with Family820 viewsThe family gathers in the north side kitchen. Pictured at the kitchen table from left to right are: Brother, Donald; Friend, Debbie Fenkner; and Ray.
Buoy Repair Shed- Closeup819 viewsLooking east toward the lighthouse and sheds. This picture is most likely from the 1940's or 1950's. This is a closeup view of the (unknown) people on the wharf.
Laura Hartzel in North Side Kitchen816 viewsMother Laura Hartzel looks at a photo album in the north side kitchen.
Raymond Hartzel in Uniform815 viewsRaymond Hartzel, taken in the north side living room.
Living Room Piano814 viewsFrom the sofa looking across the room- Timothy, the youngest kitty and a rescued stray is on the coffee table and Samantha is in the window enjoying the view. This was one of Laura's favorite rooms. There are three windows in this room and the door leading out to the Chesapeake Bay also has a large window.
Bedroom Light Bulb812 viewsThis is a picture of a lightbulb in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The picture was taken at the open house. For some reason, I was drawn to the lightbulbs, so I snapped some pictures. Nothing appears to be extraordinary about this picture.

Looking northeast toward the Lighthouse809 views
Dancing Dog808 viewsA family pet dances in the kitchen.
Jack Sturgis in the North Side Basement807 viewsMany years later, Jack Sturgis visits the basement where he played as a child.
Christmas Tree805 viewsLaura's Christmas tree from 1980.
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