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Sarah Estep Attends Seance4921 viewsPicture of the Seance. Laura Berg is on the far left and on the top right is Sarah Estep. Sarah Estep has recorded for many hours in search of EVP. She is featured on the "Sightings, The Ghost Report" videotape and recorded "I was seeing the war" in the basement of the lighthouse. Sarah Estep has since retired from EVP research. Three members of the MD Committee for Psychical Research returned to Point Lookout in February, 1980 for a followup visit. After investigating the entire lighthouse, we had a seance. 35 mm cameras were placed in three corners of the room and as well as several candles. Ron & Nancy Stallings, their son and Laura Berg participated in the seance while Gerald Sword, Erik Berg and Kevin Mack photographed.

North Side Hallway4854 viewsThis view is taken from the north side bedroom which faces the Potomac River.
Light in Hallway4680 viewsWalking through the lighthouse, I photographed the hallway on both sides but this light only showed up on the south side.
Spirit Light #34656 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears at the top center of the photograph.
Spirit Light #44636 viewsA cone-shaped light (a spirit) appears on the left side of the photograph directly in front of Ron Stallings/where Nancy Stallings' head is.
Spirit Lights4437 viewsSpirits frequently appear as cone-shaped lights. The light appears on the bottom left side of the photo.
South Side Bedroom Orb4370 viewsThis picture was taken from the south side bedroom, looking down the hallway to the cupola. The orb is located on the door jamb and appears to be moving. No other unusual measurements accompanied this picture.
Laura and I were alone in the lighthouse, wandering from room to room while we recorded and took pictures. We try to ask historically relevant questions, including calling out some of the names of former occupants.
Pink Orbs4341 viewsWe began an investigation in the North side basement (under the dining room and kitchen). Several minutes after we saw a shadowy figure move across the room, Laura capture the top picture with a pink orb. About 15 minutes later, we decided to move to the first room in the basement (under the living room), and about 10 minutes into that investigation, Robert captured another pink orb in the doorway to the other side of the basement (bottom picture). Was this pink spirit following us?
Spirit Lights4340 viewsThis picture was taken in the basement and the spots that showed up on the film were not visible to the naked eye. I cleaned the lens, so I am fairly confident that this is not a problem with the camera. Similar dots appear in other pictures taken in different parts of the house. The dots could be reflections of dust particles in the sunlight. Or not.
Some pictures have unexplained orbs that are said to symbolize spirits. Decide for yourself, but something is in this picture! The orb to the right of the sink almost appears to have a face, but then again so does the man in the moon. The picture was taken with a digital camera; digital cameras have gained a reputation for creating orbs that aren't there.

Orb at Den4339 viewsNotice the U shaped light to the right of the light bulb in the ceiling. The blurriness could be attributed to an orb in motion. During the investigation, the south side den was one of the hot spots for orb activity.

Control pictures did not contain the odd shaped blob.

Orb on the Wall4284 viewsThis is a group picture, with Laura in the middle. Notice the orb on the left side of the picture, just to the right of the window and up near the ceiling.
Cone Shaped Orb4062 viewsThis photo captured the same cone-shaped light taken from a different angle but appearing in the same area of the lighthouse.
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