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991 viewsA group of men pose in front of the buoy shed.
Metivier Family Photo990 viewsA portrait of the Herman and Marguerite Metivier family. Back Row from left to right: Esther, Herman, Marguerite, Ralph and Grace Front row from left to right - Virginia and Eunice
William and Mary Ann Brown Moody989 viewsWilliam and his wife, Mary Ann Brown Moody.
Kitchen984 viewsThis room is used as the entrance to the Lighthouse. Many of the cabinets have been removed, however, the stove and sink fixtures still remain in fairly good shape.
Lighthouse c. 1949980 viewsPoint Lookout lighthouse. Francis Hart's children are posing in front of the lighthouse fence, Summer 1949. Photo Courtesy of Francis Hart.

Randy & Chessie961 viewsRandy Younkins poses on the buoy tracks with the Sturgis' Chesapeake Retriever.
Point Lookout Lighthouse from the end of the Buoy Tracks960 viewsA lone buoy sits on the wharf. To the left of the lighthouse is the original fog bell, which was made ineffective by the adjacent buoy repair and coal sheds, and would later be replaced by a tower at the end of the coal shed.
South Side Kitchen958 viewsA screened vent in the kitchen window. The Navy installed the vents as an interim measure to allow air circulation within the lighthouse to prevent moisture and mold from building up inside. This window vent was put in place by the Navy as part of the effort to put the lighthouse in a "mothball" state to prevent any further damage and to keep it structurally sound. The vent was replaced in the 2002 remodel.

Buoy Tracks 1950s954 viewsA view of the lighthouse, buoy repair shed and coal shed from the 1950s. The tracks on the wharf were used to transport buoys from ships to the repair shed and back.
952 viewsThis picture shows the fuse box located in the basement. The fuses blew frequently and Laura had to go to the basement in complete darkness to change the fuses. This is the only room where she did not feel comfortable entering; unfortunately she had to go to the basement all the time to replace blown fuses. Point Lookout State Park personnel used the basement for storage. The fusebox wall contains two windows that look out to the Chesapeake Bay (the windows are located underneath the porch). To the right of the blue fusebox, you can see a portion of the original brick wall exposed by the crumbling cement; the original walls were covered by cement during a previous renovation.

William Yeatman's Grave Marker947 viewsWilliam Yeatman's Grave Marker. William and his wife Anna Maria Yeatman are buried about 8 miles north of the lighthouse. Photo courtesy of Kathy Handiboe.

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