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Cora and Anna Maria Yeatman901 viewsCora and Anna Maria Yeatman. Anna Maria was William Yeatman, Sr.'s wife. Photo courtesy of Francis Hart.

Henry Christian Ardeeser896 viewsHenry Christian Ardeeser, Virginia Jackson Yeatman Ardeeser's husband and William Yeatman, Sr.'s son-in-law. Henry was a bricklayer who came to Point Lookout to do some work and met Virginia Jackson Yeatman. They married and moved to Washington, D.C. Photo courtesy of Francis Hart.

893 viewsThese steep wooden stairs have seen a lot of wear (or feet!) and are still in good shape, however, they are very steep.
890 viewsA visitor to the Lighthouse reported seeing a woman dressed in a long blue dress at this location (the top of the stairs). The visitor had the impression this was Ann Davis, the first female lighthousekeeper who was alone here for thirty years. One of Hans Holzer's investigators stated that a woman haunted these stairs and this woman had often thought about throwing herself down the staircase. (Note: this staircase did not exist during the time that Ann Davis lived in the lighthouse; the staircase was added as part of the 1927 remodel).
Tender MistleToe Delivers Supplies889 viewsThe tender MistleToe visits the lighthouse. The tenders brought buoys to be repaired and supplies for the lighthouse; the tenders also returned repaired buoys into service. Mrs. Marguerite Metivier, wife of the keeper, would supply the crew with homemade donuts.

Catharine Ardeeser Hessler, Bernie and Edith on the beach.883 viewsCatharine Ardeeser Hessler, Bernie and Edith on the beach.
Small light in basement881 viewsWhile photographing in the basement, this unusual light appeared in the photo in the door frame. The light appears to shine downward and outward at the same time. This could be a reflection on the water heater from the flash, but the shape seems very odd for a flash reflection.

Historic Instrument Case878 viewsThis instrument case belonged to Thomas Jacobson.
Charlie and Diane at back porch steps877 viewsCharlie and Diane at back porch steps.
Wooden Beams in Lighthouse Attic875 viewsSeveral dormer windows gave this room some natural light. This is a typical-looking attic filled with wires, debris and insulation. Several people have reported finding items in the attic - one reportedly found a Lighthouse Keepers hat. At the time this picture was taken, racoons had taken residence in the attic and at times and the stench of animal waste would be overpowering. The most recent remodel removed the waste and has restricted access to the animals.

874 viewsPoint Lookout Lighthouse (the identity of the persons surrounding the lighthouse picture is unknown). Photo courtesy of Francis Hart.

Lighthouse Complex from Point Lookout Sandbar872 viewsFrom the sandbar on the Chesapeake Bay side, looking north toward the sheds and lighthouse.
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