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834 viewsThe interior walls are in bad shape. Some of the damage has been caused by vandals, however, other areas were opened up as part of a structural evaluation prior to the 2002 rennovation. The brick in the old part of the lighthouse is 14" thick.
Jack in Drag829 viewsThe ghost of Halloween Past. Jack Sturgis poses in the north side kitchen.
Front Steps of Lighthouse829 views
Sandbar to the South of the Lighthouse828 viewsLaura could walk out quite a distance on the sandbar in low tide. Since this was private property, no one else had access to this sandbar.
Raymond and Mary Hartzel in North Side Living Room828 viewsNotice the TV in the corner of the room. Limited reception meant few channels were available to watch.
William Yeatman827 viewsWilliam Yeatman, Sr., keeper of the light from 1871 - 1908. Mr. Yeatman has been described as a man of small stature with a long beard. The buoy shed and fog bell (currently located in St. Michaels MD) are visible in the background. Notice what appears to be a large chain on the dock behind Mr. Yeatman. Date unknown, probably the early 1900s. Photo courtesy of Barbara Quasny.

Laura Berg in the Cupola826 viewsLaura Berg standing in the tower with the camera facing the Chesapeake Bay. .
Jack Sturgis revisits Basement of his Boyhood825 viewsMany years later, Jack Sturgis visits the basement where he played as a child. Jack and his brothers would swim in the basement when it flooded, unconcerned about the dangers of electricity and other hazards. Jack and his brothers would enter the basement to shovel coal into the coal fired furnace. Jack had many fond memories, including swimming in the basement during noreasters and Hurricane Hazel. The retaining wall (in the foreground) did not exist when the Sturgis family live in the lighthouse, and the coal furnace would have the flame extinguished when the basement flooded. A coal bin was kept to the right of the furnace.

Lighthouse Complex823 viewsView of the lighthouse complex from the Potomac River side wharf.
Aerial View, pre-1927 remodel822 viewsAerial view of the lighthouse, from the south. The front of the picture says "Filed June 28, 1928". However, close inspection of the lighthouse reveals that this picture was taken PRIOR to the remodel in 1927; the summer kitchen/bedroom wing on the Potomac side of the house is visible.
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