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Point Lookout Lighthouse

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On July 22, Laura and Robert were pleased to serve as tour guides for over 30 members of the Back Yard Yacht Builders Association (BYYB) at Point Lookout Lighthouse.   The BYYB is a non-commercial association of amateur boat-builder enthusiasts, who gathered at Point Lookout.  We began the tour at the front steps, where Laura and Robert provided an overview of the history of the lighthouse.   Laura gave the crowd chills by telling of her experiences in the lighthouse.  After answering a few questions, we split into two groups, Laura taking her group into the north side of the lighthouse where she used to live, and Robert taking the other group into the south side.   Laura and Robert exchanged groups so that everyone could see both sides of the lighthouse, and learn of the history and eerie happenings experienced throughout this majestic lighthouse.

BYYB, "The Gang"

The BYYB gang, waiting at the steps of the lighthouse for the tour to begin.



A small sampling of the wonderful water crafts, built by BYYB members.   Some of the woodwork that we saw was absolutely amazing.  Every boat we saw was polished and ready for inspection!





Prior to the lighthouse tour, Scott graciously offered to take Laura and Robert sailing on his custom built sailboat on Lake Canoy.  It was a windy day, with threatening skies, but we enjoyed the view from the water. 


Our Skipper, Scott, piloting us while he explained sailing terminology and the boat building process.




Pictures of Laura and Robert sailing on Lake Canoy!



This was our view of the causeway, 
from  Lake Canoy.



Robert and AngieWilson pose for the camera after conquering the open waters of Lake Canoy.   Angie wrote a charming account of the lighthouse tour for the group's newsletter, "The Gaff",  and posted it to the BYYB website 



Laura and Robert would like to thank the BYYB for their hospitality and the most enjoyable sailboat ride!