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Noises Downstairs, April 2002

In April 2002, I was upstairs taking pictures in the North Side Small Bedroom and Hillary and Paul were in the North Side hallway. Hillary and Paul heard crashing noises like someone was moving things around downstairs. At first, we thought it was Laura, but then we realized that Laura was in the cupola and everyone else in the lighthouse was in the small bedroom with me! Only Hillary and Paul heard the noises, the rest of us in the small bedroom were too far away. I had my camcorder positioned in the window at the end of the north side staircase, and when we replayed the tape, crashing noises were recorded, however they were not as loud as what Paul and Hillary heard.

Location First Floor Living Room Area
Date Written April 18, 2002
Written by Robert Hall
Comments The human voices recorded on the camcorder were very loud and distorted. Also, there were lots of blips running from left to right on the stair risers and the picture was very grainy considering the lighting conditions. The blips and poor quality video could be camera malfunction. There were odd background noises on the tape that could not be accounted for, including what sounded like a flute playing a tune over and over.