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Haunted-est Lighthouse Boy

We are among the hundreds of Maryland Lighthouse Challenge attendees and thoroughly enjoyed each of the lighthouses on our journey. We have toured dozens of lighthouses in past years and must admit that there was something odd about Point Lookout lighthouse. From the moment we walked in we sensed sadness, despite the bright sunshine and eager tourists. What was truly disturbing was this... As we climbed the South Side stairs to the 2nd floor, a young boy, maybe 8 years old, followed us, bubbling over with stories about the house and its hauntings. I didnt notice his clothing as being out of the ordinary, but I did notice that he was alone and not with a family group. I recall him saying, "This is the most 'haunted-est' Lighthouse in the whole country!" He followed us and talked with us for just a few minutes, then went back downstairs at some point. We didn't think much of it rather, we were amused with his energy level and knowledge. He was certainly talking a mile a minute. We assumed it was one of the volunteers' children. When we went back downstairs, we mentioned to the volunteer that his son was delightful and he had been well trained! The volunteer said he had no son, nor did he have any children with him. We looked around the grounds, no children. We went to the back room where a few people were selling candy and promotional items and asked if it was their child. No there were no children. Were they playing a trick on us? Furthermore, when we got home, we played the video for our grown children to see. There was no child in that video, nor was any young voice audible. Also, in the footage that my husband filmed up in the cupola, there was faint singing, like a woman humming in the background. He did not hear it while he was up there. The Lighthouse certainly has "history" to it and I still can't shake what I felt there. I picked up on it as soon as I started up the stairs. There was a deafening silence and a smothering feeling as I ascended to the second floor. (Coincidentally, in retrospect, that is right when that child appeared. He followed us up the stairs.) I couldn't really concentrate on what the child was talking about, as the "history" of the lighthouse was so oppressive. It's like everything was in slow motion and someone turned the air and the sound off. I view myself as an educated professional, not one to buy into any hype such as this. But, what we experienced was not the norm that we have ever experienced in any of the other lighthouses we visited. I just thought someone might want to know about this for documentation purposes... if not entertainment value.

Location Second Floor of the Lighthouse
Date Written September 13, 2003
Written by Jim and Julie
Comments Roberts notes: I was at the open house, in the North Side Living Room, and I remember someone asking me if the young boy was my son. I remember the person as seeming very impressed with the young child, and I just figured one of the volunteers children had wandered in from the south side of the lighthouse. There were children in the lighthouse, so I didnt pay much attention to the remark. By and large, the younger children were unaware of the lighthouses reputation. I recorded during most of the time I spent in the North Side living room and a review of the audio did not reveal anything out of the ordinary (due to the number of people in the lighthouse, it would be difficult to classify a childs voice as paranormal).